110 Advisory was established from the association of professionals with many years of experience in management consulting. The goal of the company is to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in their strategic choices and corporate transactions.

We are called upon to assist with business combinations, company assessments and to assist firms in business mergers & acquisitions. We deal with in-house reorganisation and training. We carry out temporary management activities and follow business internationalisation processes.

Our services



We support entrepreneurs in their companies’ strategic decisions.

From assessment of company progress to evaluate the achievement of set objectives, to the development of business plans to support decisions, to company investment policies, in both national and international markets.


Corporate operations

We deal with company mergers by managing all preliminary stages and by offering assistance in launching new ventures.

We work with entrepreneurs in assessing their business in order to initiate corporate processes and transactions.



We collaborate with entrepreneurs in the formation of new generations, managers and their employees.

We analyse and re-examine organisational structures and business processes with the aim of creating efficiency and, at the same time, providing adequate and timely support for business choices.



We stimulate business internationalisation through the launching of collaborations with associations and with foreign partners in countries in strong economic expansion.

Our relationships in international markets allow entrepreneurs to compare different realities, different economic systems.

UniafricaWe are members of the UNIAFRICA project, an organisation formed in 2013 to develop new business and entrepreneurial relations between Italy and Africa.